Embracing Hybrid Work

A Case Study on ASMM Digital's Phone Service Solution

Embracing Hybrid Work: A Case Study on ASMM Digital’s Phone Service Solution

ASMM Digital Marketing in Millersville, Maryland called us to say they needed a solution to a problem we are seeing more often since the end of the pandemic. Its employees had grown to like working from home but the company knew they were losing their culture if its staff never came into the office.  So, ASMM opted for a hybrid work environment. But this presented its own unique problems. They called Office Phones Plus to help find a solution. 

Today we delve into a case study of ASMM Digital, which successfully navigated the challenges of hybrid work with the help of Office Phones Plus.

Navigating the Hybrid Landscape

ASMM Digital operates in a hybrid environment, with team members sometimes working from different states or even countries. This flexible approach allows them to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and stay ahead in the dynamic digital marketing landscape. However, it also presented a unique challenge: ensuring consistent phone service.

With a dispersed team, there wasn’t always someone in the office to answer calls. This led to missed connections and potential lost business opportunities. The goal was clear: find a phone service solution that would work anywhere they were operating.

The Search for a Solution

After careful consideration, ASMM Digital decided on Net2Phone, a service recommended by Office Phones Plus. This solution provided a physical handset in the office and the ability to ring on cell phones through its mobile app, ensuring seamless communication regardless of the team’s location. One of their favorite features was the ability for each team member to have a separate extension that dials their cell phones directly.

Seamless Implementation

Office Phones Plus handled every aspect of the transition, from signing up to installation. Their expertise ensured a smooth implementation process that did not disrupt ASMM Digital’s core business operations. ASMM Digital was able to keep its phone number and didn’t miss one call during the transition.

Lessons Learned & Recommendation

One of the key takeaways from ASMM Digital’s experience is the value of outsourcing to specialist providers. By entrusting their phone service needs to Office Phones Plus, they saved time and effort that could be better spent on their primary business goals. 

Ann Brennan, the Founder of ASMM Digital, said, “The best part of working with Office Phones Plus is that I didn’t have to spend hours on the phone finding the right provider for my needs. They did the legwork so I could keep my business moving forward.

Since the implementation of their new system, Ann and her team at ASMM Digital highly recommend Office Phones Plus to other businesses facing similar challenges in the hybrid work environment. They found that trusting a specialist provider led to a tailored solution that met their specific needs, rather than settling for a convenient but less optimal service.

The Right Partners For The Perfect Solution

ASMM Digital’s experience demonstrates the importance of finding the right partners when navigating the challenges of a hybrid work environment. By focusing on their core business and entrusting their phone service needs to Office Phones Plus, they were able to maintain seamless communication and continue delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions to their clients.

Ready to Navigate the Hybrid Work Challenge? 📞

ASMM Digital faced the unique challenges of a hybrid work environment head-on and found its solution with Office Phones Plus. If your business is grappling with maintaining consistent communication in today’s dispersed work landscape, you’re not alone. Let us be your trusted partner, just like we were for ASMM Digital. We specialize in tailoring phone service solutions to your specific needs, ensuring you never miss a call or an opportunity, no matter where your team operates.

Contact Office Phones Plus today and let’s craft the perfect communication strategy for your hybrid work model.