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Business Phone Systems in Baltimore, MD

In today’s modern world, we all rely on proper, effective communication to get by. Communication is pivotal to running your small business. You need reliable, affordable business phone systems to stay connected. Office Phones Plus provides a wide range of business phone systems for businesses throughout Baltimore and the Central Maryland community at competitive rates. We have years of experience in providing our clients with the tools they need to stay connected with their customers and employees. We have partnered with many modern businesses to provide their end-to-end phone system implementation and maintenance. Learn about how we can help you stay connected with our services and contact our team to get started. We look forward to working with you on creating a business phone system that meets your needs and budget.

What Makes Us Different?

At Office Phones Plus, we dedicate our time to providing the very best for our clients. What makes us different is our passion, reliability, and affordability to get your phone system up and running without the fuss. We’re always available for maintenance and troubleshooting as well. Additionally, we are:

Customer Advocates

We’re driven by the need to get you the best deal and service possible!


We love to set it and forget it, meaning that your phone system should work right away without having to deal with any repairs or downtimes. If anything does happen, we’ll be there right away to correct your setup and solve any issues you may be experiencing.


We have access to a variety of phone services and will recommend ones that not only fit your needs but also your budget! We have the ability to secure the most competitive pricing to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Why Do You Need Modern Phone Systems?

The need for telework is more important than ever. With modern businesses employing workers all over the world and dealing with international clients, it’s vital to have a reliable business phone system that works for you and your needs. Our advanced technology capabilities allow you to stay connected wherever you are. We offer features like being able to use your office phone from home and phone routing scheduled around your calendar. This keeps you looped in and available to your team, clients, and business partners alike with ease and reliability.

We work with a wide range of name-brand systems to provide the very best for our customers without the added premium cost that can sometimes accompany premium services. We’re proud to partner with the following companies to provide you with professional-level business phone systems:

  • Comcast (Voice Edge System)
  • Verizon (One Talk System)
  • Net2Phone
  • Digium
  • Nextiva

Our Service Areas

We are located in Glen Burnie, MD. We’re a local company dedicated to providing small businesses in Baltimore and the surrounding Central Maryland areas with reliable and affordable phone systems. We can handle your transition, installation, and ongoing phone support needs anywhere in:

  • Central Maryland
  • Baltimore
  • Annapolis
  • Washington D.C.

Why Choose Us?

We elevate our clients to new possibilities with our services and technology. For years, we’ve been proud to provide Baltimore and Central Maryland small businesses the tools they need for successful communication, and we can’t wait to help you next. During our initial consultation, we’ll talk about your needs, business size, and type of operation. Since we know your time is valuable, we won’t waste time talking about technical jargon and installation details. We’ll discuss the capabilities and features of our different plans and offerings, as well as your budget. From there, our installation process is quick and easy, and our doors are always open for emergency support and any maintenance or changes you may require. Let’s get started!

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